Dear Scott,
Boy! Wendy and I are glad to have you on as our building man. What a flood that was last week and I am still in shock that everything is already fixed. I want to pass on our thanks to everyone in your office who assisted. 

J.M. Bellevue Hill

I take this opportunity to register my personal thanks for all you have done and for your courteousness and helpfulness at all times.
Your service to us all at St Paul de Vence, I believe has been outstanding.  And no doubt all of your many clients have enjoyed the same level of performance.
Apart from your diligence and responsiveness, I have appreciated the quality of your advice and your objectiveness and impartiality. I have learned a lot from you. 

G.W - Randwick

​Just a quick email to let you know that I have sold my unit on Saturday and will be standing down as the Chair next month. Thank you for doing such a wonderful, consistent job of managing our strata over the last few years. It's been a pleasure to deal with you at every turn. You’ll be glad to hear I have bought a house and will be enjoying a pleasant break from being a member of the Committee.

N.L - Randwick

Thank you for the meeting last night. I want to apologise for the state of our strata when we appointed you. We really appreciate the extra time and effort in cleaning up our books and bringing us up to speed on all the laws we were not abiding to. I refuse to be involved in the strata accounts ever again. I am sure it’s going to be a busy (and expensive) year ahead but I know everybody is glad to have your experience to assist.  

J.B - Coogee

In my 19 years of living in this building, I have never dealt with a manager who is as level-headed and approachable as I have found you to be.
Your professionalism and excellent people skills have brought all owners together to forget the past animosity and focus on the long overdue building works!
Last week’s meeting achieved an outcome that I had long given up hope of. Once all the building upgrades are completed, I will frame you a painting of the refurbished building with our new colour scheme. With any luck, it will be a more enjoyable way to remember our building and not the personalities.

T.T - Darling Point