Who is responsible for repairs?


Generally speaking, the Owners Corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all common property within the strata scheme. 


The common property boundaries of each lot are generally formed by:

  • The upper surface of the floor (but not including the carpet);

  • The under surface of the ceiling; and

  • All external or boundary walls (including doors and windows).


Common property generally includes:

  • Floors;

  • Boundary walls including any door, window or other structure within the wall and their working parts;

  • Ceramic tiles originally attached to a common property surface;

  • Pipes or electrical wiring in the common property or servicing more than one lot;

  • Original parquet and floor boards;

  • Vermiculite ceilings, plaster ceilings and cornices; and

  • Balcony walls and doors are usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1 July 1974.

With the exclusion of structural cubic air space (such as a supporting column of a high rise building) anything inside the common property boundaries forms part of the  air space of the lot as defined in the registered strata plan. Anything inside the air space of the lot is the responsibility of the lot owner.  


The Strata Community Australia (New South Wales) have produced a guide to common property to help determine who is responsible. 

Click here to view the Who’s Responsible guide.


For any after-hours emergency repairs relating to the common property please contact the appropriate trade and service provider directly on the numbers listed below. Should the emergency be during business hours, please contact our office on 1300 301 175 for immediate assistance.

Should your situation not be an after-hours emergency, any after-hour charges may be redirected to you. We therefore request that you assess if the incident is an emergency that requires after-hours attention or if it can be addressed during business hours to avoid any unnecessary cost.



McElroy Plumbing                                  0426 675 700
Moore Bros Plumbing                           0407 242 461
Flush-it Plumbing                                    0418 448 209


TKC Electrical                                        0430 110 011

Glenco Electrical Services                02 9700 9996


Kingsford Locksmiths                       02 9663 1889
ESS Alarms                                            02 9398 8668 
Bells Locksmith                                    02 9357 2333


Express Glass                                      1300 666 234 

Garage Doors

Allgate Automation                           1300 655 600



APT Roofing                                          0415 790 054

Storm & Flood Services

(SES) State Emergency Services  13 25 00

Sydney Water                                       13 20 90


Emergency Services

NSW POLICE,  FIRE                               000